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Who is Bizbox Tech & what do we do?

Bizbox Tech Ltd are revolutionising the Business Networking Sector with Innovative Web Platforms & App Technology.

You can see this demonstrated in the new Introbizbox Platform…


Bizbox Tech Ltd are the company behind online member benefit and networking platforms such as the new Introbizbox platform.

These member benefit platforms allows users to Buy, Sell, Advertise Online and Network with each other online and via their smart phones.

You can:

  • Buy online via discounted Groupon style deals on the platform, under several different categories.
  • Sell online by creating discounted Groupon style deals for other members.
  • Make a request for products and services that you can not find on the deals platform in order to see what other members might be able to help you and what deals they could offer.
  • Advertise Products and Services or your entire business, online via Featured Deals or Advertising banners throughout the platform.
  • Network with other members of the platform via the members directory and communicator messenger app on the website.
  • The members directory allows you to find out more about other members and what deals they offer.

Introducing the Introbizbox Platform


Introbizbox allows Introbiz members to Buy, Sell, Advertise Online and Network with each other online and via their smart phones.  You can also make a request for products and services that you can not find on the deals platform and see what Introbiz members might be able to help you with any services or product that you might be looking for.  In the sell section you can add Groupon style deals to the platform in order to drum up interest in your products and services and we can help you to design these offers to make them work the best that they can for you and your business.

The platform also has a members directory where you can find other Introbiz members, and all members can add a free profile about their business, products and services online now via the button below.


Buy Online via the Link | Sell to other members via discounted deals | Network with others via members directory

If you would like to join Introbiz or the Introbiz platform to get your own deals added today, please get in touch or sign up to one of the Introbizbox Featured deals on the platform.  Also feel free to share our info with other business contacts of yours via the share buttons below.

Join the Introbizbox Web Platform Today and start a new dawn in Networking...

Create Your Free Profile Online Now
  • service1
    See what B2B & B2C products and services you can buy from other Introbiz members at discounted rates via Groupon Style Deals.
  • service2
    Create offers and market those discounted products and services to the Introbiz network. via the platform or our additional marketing services.
  • service3
    Advertise Online via the free member profile area and view other member profiles & offers and connect via the built in messenger.

More about Bizbox Tech Ltd Member Platforms!

  Bizbox Tech Platforms, including the Introbizbox platform for Introbiz members, allows members to: Advertise Their Business | Market Their Products and Services to the other Introbiz members | Save Money On Business Products & Services and Consumer Products | Be Made More Aware of other Members Products and Services | Get to know the other Members of the Network and what they do, much quicker | Read more
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