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Tech Startup Company in Wales

Meet our team…

Bizbox Tech Ltd is a Tech Startup Company run by a collaboration of four very experienced Welsh  Business Entrepreneurs, who all met whilst members of the Introbiz Business Network. The four Directors all have a combined business experience of over 120 years. Philip Emanuel is a Business Protection specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Services sector.  In addition to being a director of BizBox Tech, Phil runs his own Financial Service Company called 2exp Financial Services which also trades as The Business Protection Company. Mike Armstrong is a Sales & Marketing specialist with over 25 years of experience in the Sales & Marketing sector including 10 years+ experience of building & developing IT Technical Solutions for large Corporate Companies, working in many different B2B and B2C sectors including Business Data Solutions.  In addition to being a director of BizBox Tech Ltd, Mike also runs his own Sales & Marketing Agency called MA Consultancy and his own Web Design Agency called 333 Websites. Mike is also the man behind the WelshBiz Brand Hugh Sullivan is an App Development and Technology specialist with over 30 years of experience in the Technology Sector.  In addition to being a director of Bizbox Tech Ltd, Hugh runs a successful App Development & Technology Company called ElectricBench. David Wright is a Finance specialist with over 40 years of experience running a successful Accountancy practice (DWA) in Bridgend.

Online Trading Platform…

Online Members Trading, Offers, Marketing & Networking Platform and App… BizBox Tech Ltd have produce an online members trading, offers, marketing and networking platform for groups of business owners and directors to be able to trade and network with each other online and via their smart phones. We can provide White labelled versions of our platform and App’s to any large group or organisation that would want to allow it’s members to engage more often and trade with each other online. Introbiz Partnership and the Introbizbox Platform… BizBox Tech have partnered up with the Wales’ Leading Business Network, the Introbiz business network  to develop a members trading, offers, marketing and networking platform for their members to use, called Introbizbox. Sell – The Introbizbox members benefit platform provides Introbiz members with the ability to Advertise Their Business and Market Their Products and Services to the other Introbiz members. Buy – The Introbizbox members benefit platform also provides Introbiz members with the ability to save Money On Business Services and Be Made More Aware of other Members Products and Services and How They Can Save Large Amounts on these products and services from other Introbiz members . Network – The Introbizbox members benefit platform also allows you to view profiles of all the members and see what they do “allowing you to follow up and  network with each other, ensuring that members get to know about each other much quicker than via just events alone”.
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