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Including App and Web Platform Developments & White Labelled Member Benefit Platforms for your network or organisation...

Online Members Trading, Offers, Marketing & Networking Web Platforms and Smartphone Apps…

Bizbox Tech Ltd have produce an online members trading, offers, marketing and networking platform for groups of business owners and directors to be able to trade and network with each other online and via their smart phones. We can provide White labelled versions of our platform and App’s to any large group or organisation that would want to allow it’s members to engage more often and trade with each other online.  The web platform and smartphone App is like a B2b E-bay with some of the functions of Groupon, Trip Adviser and Perkbox to name a few.  It also comes with a built in directory and communications platform. Bizbox Tech have partnered up with the Wales’ Leading Business Network, the Introbiz business network  to develop a members trading, offers, marketing and networking platform for their members to use, called Introbizbox. Join Introbizbox - Introbiz members benefit platform today!

Please follow the link to the Introbizbox platform or see our Introbizbox Platform page for more info.


You can download the Introbizbox Smartphone APP on to your Android devices via the Google Play store by following the link.

App Development and Web Platform Development

We can also provide App Development or Web Platform Development Services should this be of interest?  Please see our App & Web Platform Development Section.

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